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Zambian youth learnt where to get a prestigious higher education

The choice of a university is an important step in the life of every young man. Students from Zambia are not an exception. All of them understand that it is necessary to get an education which will allow them to become successful and qualified specialists, demanded not only in Zambia but also on the global labor market.

That is why a huge number of future applicants visited education exhibition «Study in Russia – 2019» which was held from June 10 to 16 2019 in the capital of the Republic of Zambia, Lusaka. The event was organized by the group of Russian State universities RACUS with the Russian Center of science and culture in Lusaka.

All the visitors of education exhibition «Study in Russia – 2019» were informed by the representative of RACUS organization in the Republic of Zambia that upon completion the University course, graduates obtain Russian national diplomas with the description of program and degree (Bachelor, Master, Specialist/Engineer). International recognition of Russian diplomas is guaranteed by international agreements and national legislation.

Upon request the graduates can receive Diploma Supplement which facilitates diploma recognition in 47 European and other countries that signed the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region.

Because of these and many other causes Russian higher education is very appreciated on the world education market. Majority of graduates from Russian state universities of RACUS group find a high-paid job after graduation. They achieve success in their careers because the knowledge they received in Russia is priceless.

At the end of the exhibition visitors got souvenirs with «Study in Russia» logo and useful information brochures. The fascinating presentation as well as well-made videos about Russian higher education aroused interest of candidates and made them eager to attend a free consultation of RACUS organization representative in the Republic of Zambia for the choice of program and university.