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Educational exhibition "Study in Russia - 2019" in Angola

On March 9, 2019, RACUS organization held an educational exhibition “Study in Russia - 2019” in Luanda, the capital of the Republic of Angola.
From year to year Russian higher education becomes more and more popular among citizens from various countries of the world. And the exhibition, which took place in the capital of Angola, proved it once again. Along with high quality and international recognition of Russian higher education, important arguments for high interest in studying in Russian universities are: the opportunity to study in many specialties not only in Russian, but also in English and French, as well as affordable tuition fee. 20 Russian State universities of RACUS group offer a choice of more than 500 medical, technical, economical specialties and humanities. So everyone interested in getting a quality higher education will find a program on his own wish.
None of the visitors of the exhibition was left without gifts - each received colorful souvenirs with the “Study in Russia” logo and informational brochures.

Admission to Russian universities of RACUS group continues. All concerned can get a free consultation and apply at one of the universities of RACUS group by contacting RACUS representative office in the Republic of Angola.