Main pageNewsIndia2019 A graduate of the Medical Institute of Tambov State University has become the best in the whole of India according to the results of the profile exam

A graduate of the Medical Institute of Tambov State University has become the best in the whole of India according to the results of the profile exam

Graduates of Medical Institute of Tambov State University successfully passed the MCI FMGE profile exam in India in the first attempt. It confirms a high level of education at the Russian University. In total, over 12,000 university graduates from Russia, China, the United States and other countries took part in this exam. 1575 people passed the exam successfully. Nehete Bhanyashri Ramesh and Subhash Chandran, graduates of the Medical Institute of Tambov State University, scored the highest number of points, taking the first and third places, respectively. The successful passing of the MCI FMGE exam will permit graduates of Tambov State University to practice medicine in India and get a well-paid job. In accordance with the law of India, regardless of the country of study, graduates of medical universities have to pass the MCI FMGE exam in order to obtain diploma Supplement and to qualify for medical practice. Experience has proven that graduates of Russian universities - Tambov State University, Astrakhan State Medical University, Saratov State Medical University – are ones of the best who successfully pass this exam.
Today Tambov State University received a grateful letter from Bhagyashri Nekhete: “I thank the University for giving me an opportunity to achieve my dreams. Being in Tambov State University Medical Institute, Tambov, Russia, was a wonderful experience. Learning Russian language and culture was amazing. I’m grateful to my curators and all my teachers for my knowledge. The extracurricular activities in the University helped me to enjoy every moment spent in Russia! Thank you”.
Tambov State university is part of RACUS group of Russian state universities. It is successfully represented in the international arena. The university celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2018. Currently over 2,600 international students from 62 countries study there. According to 2018 statistics, Medical Institute of Tambov State University and the mentioned Russian medical universities are the most popular among foreign candidates. The high quality of education, good living conditions in student hostels and cities (Tambov, Astrakhan, Saratov), as well as the affordable cost of education make them even more attractive for those who want to become a doctor, a dentist, a pharmacist.
RACUS organization was founded in 1991 and now is the leading Russian organization in the international education area. RACUS organization provides admission at 20 Russian state universities and supports international students from consultation to graduation (up to 7 years).