Main pageNewsCongo2018 RACUS organization held “Study in Russia – 2018” educational exhibition in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

RACUS organization held “Study in Russia – 2018” educational exhibition in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

On the 17th of May 2018, with the support of Russian center of culture and science held the specialized educational exhibition «Study in Russia – 2018» in the capital of Congo – Brazzaville.
«Study in Russia – 2018» educational exhibition attracted a great number of young Congoleses who wanted to get higher education of high quality in Russian State universities of RACUS group. All visitors got full information about admission period to Russian universities and also colorful brochures as well as souvenirs from RACUS organization. Organizers of the exhibition started with the presentation of Russian state universities of RACUS Group and discovered to exhibition visitors the great opportunity to enter one of 500 medical, engineering, economic and humanities programs at prestigious Russian universities in French, English or Russian languages. Then the visitors were invited to put any questions on admission requirements and procedure, Russian system of education and about student life in Russia.

Upon the invitation of RACUS organization, the exhibition was visited by the Director of Russian center of culture and science, Mr. Belyaev S. He thanked the delegation of RACUS organization for extensive work in representation of Russian higher education in Russia in Congo.
The national central television journalists also visited the exhibition and took the interview with the Head of the North and Eastern Africa Department Ms. Oleynikova A. She invited the young congoleses to join Russian State universities to get a prestigious high education as it has already done their compatriots who succeeded and now manage the political and economic life of the country.

The admission for studies in 2018/2019 academic year is in progress and all the visitors of «Study in Russia – 2018» educational exhibition in Brazzaville were invited to get an individual consultation and to apply for studies to Russian State Universities of RACUS group.