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Solemn graduation ceremony for foreign graduates of Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University

07/03/2018 12:50:00 pm
On the 2nd of July 2018 a breathtaking graduation ceremony for foreign graduates of the Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University, a member of RACUS group of Russian state universities, took place at the elegant Taleon Imperial Hotel, St. Petersburg.
This very special day many people wanted to congratulate the holders of diplomas from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Botswana, Uzbekistan and other countries. For instance, there were administrative and teaching staff of the University, RACUS managers headed by the General Director A. Nutsalov, and, of course, the parents and friends of the graduates who arrived to St. Petersburg to support and celebrate their kids.
There was a friendly and warm atmosphere from the beginning of the graduation ceremony: happy graduates with sincere smiles and shining eyes took pictures for long memory with their friends, parents and professors in the hotel's spectacular interior.
During the official part Mr. Anton Karasavidi, Vice-Rector for Foreign Students and International Relations, mentioned that today's success of graduates would have been impossible without RACUS organization and its huge work in promotion of Russian higher education abroad. Moreover, RACUS organization also financed the solemn graduation ceremony for graduates of Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University in Taleon Imperial Hotel's luxurious interior.
Avbakar Nutsalov, General Director of RACUS organization, also made a welcoming speech and congratulated the graduates and their parents, and thanked the employees of the University. He highlighted to what extent he was happy to witness the continuity of generations for there were graduates whose parents and siblings also graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University.
Graduates and their parents also expressed their gratefulness with kind wishes to the University and RACUS organization. Students worked hard and have achieved what they wanted – they received prestigious Degrees of Russian national standard recognized worldwide.
Now a long and interesting road full of professional growth opens before graduates: some will go home to gain experience, some will work abroad, and others will study further and RACUS group of Russian State universities will help them with great pleasure.
RACUS organization congratulates the graduates of the University and wishes them lots of professional success. RACUS organization expresses its deep gratitude to the Rector of the University Igor Narkevich, the Vice-rector for work with foreign students and international relations Anton Karasavidi, the professors and all staff of the University for their tremendous work in training specialists in pharmacy for foreign countries.

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