The city of Casablanca was hit by a wave of gifted and ambitious applicants from all over Morocco. From April 18 to 21, the team of the RACUS Group of Russian State Universities headed by the General Director of the organization Avbakar Nutsalov and the ARESMA agency (the general representative office of RACUS Organization in Morocco) presented the best educational institutions of the country at the largest education exhibition in Africa.

The sunny 2024/2025 admission period to Russian state universities of the RACUS Group started in Morocco at the largest international education exhibition. Prospective students came from different parts of the country to learn everything about getting higher education in Morocco and abroad. The exhibition was held from April 18 to 21, 2024 at the Casablanca International Exhibition Center, which is located next to the pearl of the Islamic world, the Hassan II Mosque. Here every visitor was able to find a successful professional future and the best learning conditions for themselves and their children. Universities from all over the world were represented at the exhibition: Russia, America, China, Belgium, Poland and other parts of Europe.

The teams of RACUS and the ARESMA agency were looking forward to the days when they would be able to present the 20 best universities in Russia with 100 years of history to all young people from Morocco. Each of us understands the importance of choosing a future specialty and university for higher education. To give the most suitable option to each applicant, a large colorful stand of the RACUS organization was deployed at the exhibition. Here everyone could learn the details of studying in Russia and the secrets of admission to the top universities of our country, as well as receive souvenirs and gifts: brochures, pens and branded shoppers with the symbols of RACUS and ARESMA group.

In 2024, Moroccan youth and their parents were most interested in medical and engineering fields of study. There are several universities in the RACUS group that provide the most popular and sought-after programs, such as Pharmacy, General Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. In addition, students can enroll in residency programs (more than 60) in medical specialties. Mikhail Shvetsov, Rector of the Mari State University (MarSU), visited the stand of the RACUS Group of Russian State Universities as an honorary guest. MarSU became a part of the organization in April 2024. Along with other universities of the RACUS group, it offers programs in Medicine, Engineering, Economics and Humanities. For Moroccan applicants, such a visit is a great opportunity to learn about higher education at a particular university first-hand.

All diplomas of Russian state universities constituting part of the RACUS group are in demand in the global higher education market, recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and, of course, give every Moroccan the opportunity to find a decent job at home or in any other country in the world after completing their studies in Russia. Combined with an affordable price (the cost of an academic year ranges from 1,500 to 4,000 US dollars per academic year, depending on the program, university and language of instruction) and the highest quality, Russia is increasingly becoming the main choice among applicants from Morocco.

Interestingly, changes were noticed in the preferences of the applicants from Morocco. This year, many young people were actively interested in economic and engineering specialties which are also offered by the RACUS Group of Russian State Universities. This is due to the fact that in 2023 Russia was recognized as the fastest growing economy in the world. Such achievements are impossible without a strong educational system. This means that foreign applicants have a unique opportunity to learn from the best.

In total, more than 15 thousand schoolchildren and their parents attended the exhibition. The stunning success and genuine interest in higher education in Russia is due, among other things, to the fruitful and intensive long-term work of the RACUS Group of Russian State Universities and the great support of the Russian Embassy in the Kingdom of Morocco. The meeting of the Russian Ambassador to Morocco, V. Baibakov, and the General Director of RACUS Organization took place last week.

The team of the RACUS Group of Russian State Universities is grateful to the organizers for a well-conducted exhibition and the opportunity to personally communicate with talented and ambitious young people from Morocco. The doors of our universities are open to every applicant. On our part, we guarantee admission to the chosen specialties, high-quality and affordable education, and, of course, a warm welcome!

If some applicants did not manage to attend the exhibition, do not worry! You still have a chance to personally communicate with representatives of the best universities in Russia!

Applicants can always visit the general representative office of the RACUS Group in Morocco, the ARESMA agency in Rabat, or submit an application on the website: