On March 13, RACUS Group of Russian State Universities gathered its representatives from all regions of India in Delhi for the conference Education in Russia – 2024

The main purpose of the conference was to represent universities belonging to the RACUS group in order to attract and recruit ambitious Indian youth to study at Russian universities in the 2024/2025 academic year.

The conference brought together more than 50 key representatives of RACUS Organization from different states of India, who were greeted and trained by Shamil Nutsalov, Director of the Department of Asia.

The guests of the event got acquainted with the most sought-after and prestigious higher education institutions in Russia. All of them are part of the RACUS Group of Russian State Universities. Shamil Nutsalov spoke in detail about higher education in Russia, the admission rules for the 2024/2025 academic year and a wide range of programs offered by universities belonging to the RACUS group, as well as the most popular fields of study among young people from India, such as Medicine, Aviation and Veterinary Medicine. At the conference, the life of Indian students in Russia was discussed in detail: the peculiarities of nutrition, the cultural environment outside of student life and much more.

The annual holding of such conferences allows RACUS Organization not only to increase the popularity and prestige of Russian higher education among the key participants of the Indian education industry, but also to provide information on the latest trends in the education market and changes in the field of education in Russia.

All participants of the conference were presented with promotional materials containing information about Russian universities – members of the RACUS group, the advantages of Russian higher education, the rules of admission, accommodation in student hostels, processing invitation letters, etc.

In 2024, RACUS Group of Russian State Universities will continue to actively promote its universities in the Indian higher education market. With this purpose, more than 30 major education exhibitions and more than 100 seminars in schools in several states of India are to be held in the course of this year.