Here’s the news: now foreign students need to get a visa only once

On July 05th, 2022, the State Duma of the Russian Federation (the main legislative body of Russia) finally approved a law that significantly simplifies foreign students' staying and studying in Russia. If earlier foreign students had to renew their visa every new academic year (register for migration) to be able to study in Russia, now they will only need to get the necessary document once at the time of arrival in the country for the first time. This visa will be valid during the entire period of study (4-6 years, depending on the study program) and additional 180 days. If a student wishes to transfer to another Russian university during their studies, then the previous permit will remain valid, you won't need to get it again.

In addition, after finishing their studies, a graduate of a Russian university will be able to obtain a residence permit in Russia in a simplified way. This benefit will be valid for three years after their graduation from the university.

It is worth recalling that back in 2020, Russia has already lifted the ban on the work for foreign full-time students. This means that now, in their free time, foreign students have the opportunity to work without receiving any additional permits.

Studying in Russia is reliable, affordable and prestigious. And now, with obtaining a visa only once during the entire study period, the annual visa issues that have always taken a lot of time are already solved!

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