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RACUS organization (group of Russian state universities) was founded in 1991 (registered in Saint Petersburg) by the initiative and with the support of group of Russian state universities. 

Today the Organization is a leader among exporters of Russian higher education in the field of training highly qualified personnel for the labor market of foreign countries.

RACUS organization made a huge contribution to the promotion and growth of popularity of Russian state universities in foreign countries. Since the foundation of the Organization more than 100,000 foreign students from 130 countries of the world have been attracted and sent for studies to Russian higher education institutions. Active work in this direction still goes on as the Organization has global goals for the upcoming years.


The mission of the Organization is to strengthen the positions, promote and popularize Russian state universities on the world stage of higher education; to increase the volume of export of Russian higher education; to raise the ranking of Russia in the world by the number of foreign citizens studying at Russian universities.

RACUS organization possesses many prestigious awards, thank-you letters from the universities, embassies, the Association of Vice-Rectors for International Relations of Universities in St. Petersburg and North-West Russia and other organizations.


Nowadays, RACUS organization has representatives in 75 states of Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), as well as in 10 cities of the European part of Russia.

The central office is located in Saint Petersburg and includes 5 departments:

  • Department № 1 Russian-Arabian Center for University Services.
  • Department № 2 Russian-Asian Center for University Services.
  • Department № 3 Russian-African Center for University Services.
  • Department № 4 Russian-American Center for University Services.
  • Department № 5 Department of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe.

The name of RACUS organization is an abbreviation of the first four departments of the Organization. 


Since 1995, RACUS organization has been headed by Avbakar Nutsalov, who still acts as General Director of the Organization. Avbakar Nutsalov obtained a higher education in Enterprise Management, undertook internships in the areas of Education Management, Examination and Evaluation of the Education Eystems of Foreign Countries, Organization and Holding of Exhibition Events, numerous refresher courses in company management, etc. in Russia and in foreign countries. By the decision of the Academic Council of Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin, the General Director of RACUS organization was awarded a Gold Medal for long-term effective and fruitful cooperation and promotion of Russian higher education abroad.

All the employees of the Organization have one or two degrees in the field of international relations, politics and pedagogy. Our employees speak 6 of the most widespread languages of the world, which allows them to communicate freely with students and their parents from different countries of our planet. 


The employees of RACUS organization conduct permanent active work with international students and supervise them during the whole period of study at the university. The list of the services includes:

- consultations on studying at Russian universities, educational system and study programs, rules of admission and registration of foreign citizens for studying, peculiarities of accommodation and nutrition as well as assistance in choosing the future study program and university, taking into account the preferences of each candidate;

- pre-assessment of educational and other documents for the possibility of admission to Russian higher education institutions for studying;

- assistance in formalizing invitation letters for studying at the program chosen by the applicant in the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of cities/regions/areas of Russia and sending invitations to applicants;

- consultation and assistance in submitting documents required for obtaining a study visa at the Russian Embassies in accordance with the established rules and requirements;

- meeting of applicants arriving to study at the airports of Russia and accompanying them to the city and university of studies;

- ensuring admission to Russian universities to the educational program chosen by the applicant;

- provision of accommodation in the student hostel/hotel of the university for the entire period of study (up to 7 years);

- assistance in migration registration in the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of cities/regions/areas of Russia;

- consulting on obtaining the “Certificate of Equivalence” of foreign educational documents in the Main State Center for Education Evaluation obligatory for every international student to be admitted to any Russian university (if required by the legislation);

- student’s academic performance and behavior control; providing communication with parents and informing them on the student’s academic performance and behavior upon their request;

- supervising the students, protecting their interests and providing any necessary assistance during the whole period of study in Russia. 

RACUS organization independently selects higher education institutions for admission to its group of universities. In the process of selection many factors are taken into account, including the specifics of the educational market and actual needs of applicants (program, modern technical equipment of the university, language of instruction, city, international reputation, internationalization, etc.). Such an approach guarantees a high level of satisfaction with the quality of services provided as well as an impeccable reputation of the Organization among international students. 

All the services provided by RACUS organization to foreign students in Russia are free of charge since the company's activity in general is financed by the group of Russian state universities. Only actual costs of arrival, tuition, accommodation, and life & health insurance fees, etc. are covered by the students. 


- representation of Russian universities abroad; organization and holding of advertising and exhibition campaigns;

- development of international cooperation in the field of higher education, assistance in conclusion of cooperation agreements between Russian and foreign universities;

- ensuring academic mobility of administrative and teaching staff;

- preparation and implementation of projects on the introduction of new teaching standards for priority and popular programs, including programs taught in foreign languages;

- consultation and assistance to Russian universities in the matters of recognition of Russian diplomas of higher education abroad;

- creation of Russian higher education institutions abroad.

Within the framework of various activities, RACUS organization cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, embassies of Russia in foreign countries, embassies of foreign states in Russia, foreign higher education institutions, associations of graduates of Soviet and Russian universities, ministries of education of foreign countries and authorities. Along with the developed inner infrastructure, it allows RACUS organization to solve any organizational issues quickly and successfully.