WHY RUSSIA Advantages of living and studying in Russia

A unique country
Russia has a unique culture and natural resources. You will discover masterpieces of architecture, painting, music. You will be able to admire the magnificent picturesque natural landscapes. There are many centers of world tourism included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Fascinating trips around Russia are waiting for you.
Recognized education
Deserved world prestige of Russian universities, reputable scientific schools and academic traditions, highly qualified teaching staff and innovative technologies in instruction. You will receive all the necessary support and supervision throughout your training.
Language learning
Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Russian is expressive and beautiful: once you master it, you will be able to read the works of Russian classics in the original and better understand Russian culture. It will increase your opportunities to get a decent and well-paid job.
Financial comfort
In Russia, there are comfortable prices for food, transport, accommodation and leisure - everything is more times cheaper than in European countries. At the same time, the cultural and transport infrastructure of all cities is well-developed. As a student, you will also be able to enjoy preferential rates for visiting museums, theaters, cinemas.
Affordable education
The fees are partially subsidized by the Russian government, which makes it possible to reduce the cost of studies and make it accessible for citizens from different countries. You have a good opportunity to get a valuable knowledge, a decent social status, professional education and a prestigious diploma at affordable price.
Great opportunities
In Russia you will be able to develop your sport and creative skills. There are various centers with art and theater studios, sports, dance and music clubs. And most importantly, you will be surrounded by friendly, open and talented Russian people.

It's time to study in Russia!