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Students from Gabon learned where to get a prestigious higher education

The academic year is coming to an end, which means that it's time to start thinking about choosing the university that will provide high-quality knowledge in demand on the labor market at an affordable price. On May 20-30, 2019 RACUS organization held an educational event - “Open Doors Day” and helped applicants from Libreville, the capital of Gabon, to make their choice. During the exhibition the visitors learned about Russian state universities, members of RACUS group.
Nowadays, the higher education market is full of various universities, and Russian State Universities are among the best according to the quality of provided education. RACUS organization presented top 20 Russian higher educational institutions that offer more than 500 medical, engineering, economic and human science programs.

All applicants were also interested in the attitude of Russian students towards foreigners. A representative of RACUS organization in Gabon explained that Russians are very friendly and tolerant. In Russia everyone is ready to offer a helping hand or give a piece of advice. In Russian state universities, members of RACUS group, foreign students have plenty of opportunities to participate in various sports and cultural clubs. This helps to make friends from all over the world among the students of Russian universities.

Visitors of RACUS organization’s exhibition also learned that every student entering Russian State University has a guaranteed place in a student hostel, as well as a large number of discounts for visiting cultural and sports places.

All visitors of the educational event received colorful souvenirs and bright informational brochures about studying in Russia.